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Uncle Cleans Up

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By J.P. Martin, illustrated by Quentin Blake

Uncle and his friends defend the labyrinthine regions of castle Homeward from the Badfort baddies. "A classic of British nonsense.... And a most elegant nonsense it is, utterly silly and deeply sophisticated at the same time." —Newsday

Paperback, 184 pages


The books are very funny, installing a large cast of unlikely characters...in a world of mildly squiffy logic...And the illustrations are among Quentin Blake’s best work, scrawls and splotches that finally and unarguably distill character. But most important, this is political satire of a high order—Animal Farm for pre-teens, but wittier and more relevant to our own world.
— The Independent (London)

And another great animal book: Uncle Cleans Up, about a millionaire elephant who wears a purple dressing gown and reluctantly engages in violent spats with his neighbours. Written in 1965 by JP Martin, a Yorkshire vicar, and illustrated by Quentin Blake, it has been reissued this year by New York Review Children’s Collection in a lovely, clothbound edition.
— The Guardian

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