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Toddler Activity Basket


Toddler Activity Basket
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These are gifts to be used well into lower school. The Junior Rhythm Band gives young children the chance to explore a wide range of instruments (tambourine, castanet, guiro, harmonica, and jingle bells). The easy-carry box also includes a CD of gentle music to help them learn more about which sounds go together best.  The four activities in one wooden suitcase includes a chalkboard, chalk, eraser; magnetic board, letters and numbers; a self-erasing board with stylus; and a whiteboard and pen. With Catch-a-Fish, our favorite bathtub and pool game, kids use a net to scoop and match 20 colorful floating fish; a mesh storage bag is included.

The individual gifts in each collection are wrapped in our festive ABC paper and gaily beribboned, then tucked into a beautifully designed and constructed canvas bin imprinted with the alphabet—itself a much appreciated gift that will be used throughout the years as stylish storage for toys, books, blocks, and more. Ages 1 and up.

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