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The Sorely Trying Day

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By Russell Hoban and Lillian Hoban

What a mess! The cat is on top of the grandfather clock, the dog is barking and lunging, and all the children are squabbling and shouting. Well, who started it? Each child points to the next, and even the dog blames the cat. But the truth is another story. From the author and illustrator of the Frances books.

Hardcover, 48 pages


The wit and cleverness of The Sorely Trying Day could not be more timely, and the book has a delicious ring of political satire that adults will enjoy...The absurdity of each crime (one child hurls paint at another merely for laughing ‘in that peculiarly aggravating way’) will make children of 6+ shriek with mortified recognition. It would make an excellent, and pointed, present from any grandparent or godparent.
The Sunday Times (UK)

Just to mention [the Hobans] brings to mind words like warm, endearing, delightful, charming.
— Jane Yolen, The New York Times Book Review

Marvelously fired to a bubbling point of irresistible laughter.
— Publishers Weekly

A long-out-of-print classic from the authors of the beloved Frances books, The Sorely Trying Dayoffers a timely antidote to stress. Try reading this aloud to the family at the end of, well, a sorely trying day.
Los Angeles Times

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