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New York in Words and Images Postcards

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Compiled by Miriam Berman
This postcard book pairs the words of inspired observers of New York—including E.B. White, Alfred Kazin, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Frank Lloyd Wright—with vintage scenes of the city. 
"This is the first sensation of life in New York—you feel that Americans have practically added a new dimension to space. They move almost as much on the perpendicular as on the horizontal plane. When they find themselves a little crowded, they simply tilt a street on end and call it a skyscraper." —William Archer
"It was three years before we saw New York again. As the ship glided up the river, the city burst thunderously upon us in the early dusk...A band started to play on deck, but the majesty of the city made the march trivial and tinkling. From that moment I knew that New York, however often I might leave it, was home. —F. Scott Fitzgerald
"Manhattan has been compelled to expand skyward because of the absence of any other direction in which to grow...It is to the nation what the white church spire is to the village—the visible symbol of aspiration and faith, the white plume saying that the way is up." —E. B. White
"But something of the city we now love will still abide, I hope, to link our days with yours. There is little true glory in a city that is always changing. New stores, new steeples are comely things; but the human heart clings to places that hold association and reminiscence."—Christopher Morley
"Cut off as I am, it is inevitable that I should sometimes feel like a shadow walking in a shadowy world. When this happens I ask to be taken to New York City. Always I return home weary but I have the comforting certainty that mankind is real flesh and I myself am not a dream."—Helen Keller
Twenty detachable postcards, one each of twenty images.

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