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Literary Napkins


With text culled from the archives of some of the world’s literary greats, and hand-screened onto sheets of the sheerest 100% cotton voile, these Literary Napkins arrive folded and enclosed in a classic string-tie envelope for a truly special delivery. Individual themes include love letters, Shakespearean sonnets, and letters of advice—each edition includes four unique works. Order by theme, or consider blending all five to encourage considerate discourse at the table.

Each off-white sheer 100% cotton voile napkin has black writing and is 14" x 16". Four napkins per package.

• 05-LNNP1 – Love, Set 1: letters from Emily Dickinson, D.H. Lawrence, Jack London, Mark Twain

• 05-LNNP2 – Love, Set 2: letters from Honoré de Balzac, Lord Byron, James Joyce, John Keats

• 05-LNNP3 – Love, Set 3: letters from Charlotte Bronté, Voltaire, Oscar Wilde, Virginia Woolf

• 05-LNNP4 – Shakespearean Sonnets: numbers 1 - 8. Two sonnets on each napkin.

• 05-LNNP5 – Advice: from Charles Dickens, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Thomas Jefferson, Rudyard Kipling - MORE ARRIVING MID MAY