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Kaweco AL Sport Fountain Pen


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This is a heavier, aluminum version of our best selling Classic Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen, which we first read about in the New York Times, when playwright Jon Robin Baitz called it, “…perfect…I love its precision, its modesty, its clarity and its minimal fuss. This is the cheaper, more practical version of a Mercedes.”

Now, with the AL Sport pen, we have another compact version. The Financial Times reports, “Kaweco created the diminutive Classic Sport in 1935 and it has been crowned a design gem in the decades since. The nib is a delight to write with and the oversized octagonal cap swallows the pen’s body when closed so it fits neatly into a pocket; when added to the barrel, it creates a full length pen.” We should also add that the vintage-look metal presentation box, with its embossed typography and pen, is a design classic in itself. The color is matte silver, the fine-point nib is steel, and it measures 4.1 inches (closed) and 5.3 inches (open). A blue cartridge comes inside the pen and we are including a box of six blue-black cartridges.


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