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Harrison Loved His Umbrella

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by Rhoda Levine, illustrated by Karla Kuskin

Harrison liked to hold his umbrella in the rain. He also held it in the sun. He found it very helpful in the snow. But most of all he loved to hold it open in the house.

In fact, Harrison was the only child on his block to hold an open umbrella in his hand all the time. How his friends admired him! 

Then one rainy day, after the rain was over, all the children held umbrellas, and they, too, continued to hold the umbrellas open. They all found them useful in the sun, helpful in the snow, and loved them in the house. 

Complications? Of course! But that’s all part of the story.

Hardcover, 56 pages


The little boy in Harrison Loved His Umbrella. . . was so devoted to his umbrella that he never would close it, indoors or out. . . [a] witty commentary on the behavior patterns of children and parents. . . Kuskin offers a series of enchanting vistas of people and umbrellas. Pagefuls of parasols give way to pagefuls of hats.
—Alberta Eiseman, The New York Times

Brightly colored, simply drawn illustrations have caught the mood of the story.
Kirkus Reviews

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