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Collector's Journal

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 "A beautifully designed mix of catalogue, address book, and insurance inventory as well as chronicle of the hunt, appropriate for Sotheby's or eBay connoisseurs or packrats." —Publisher's Weekly 

This easy-to-use journal helps collectors of all levels organize important information pertaining to their antiques and collectibles with spaces to record vital statistics, description, and resources. With inspirational quotes from famous collectors.

The Collector's Journal provides three easy-to-use pages for each of 36 objects, with space to record:

• VITAL STATISTICS: date of purchase/acquisition, price, appraisal value, insurance value, and value criteria, including authenticity, rarity, condition, historical significance, and provenance.

• DESCRIPTION: including dimensions, medium, artist/maker, country of origin, date or period, signature or mark, distinguishing characteristics, and a place for photographs.

• RESOURCES: contact information for dealers, auction houses, appraisers, restorers, art and antique fairs, and other collectors.

"The Collector's Journal also forms a personal history of a collection that can be preserved for future generations. It is as much the stories behind each object as the objects themselves that collectors value," explains the author, Dana Micucci, a journalist specializing in art and antiques. "Additionally, this information is essential for insurance purposes, should a collector decide to sell certain items, or in the event that objects are stolen or damaged."

The journal also features quotes about art and collecting from notables including Oscar Wilde, Helena Rubenstein, J. Paul Getty, Solomon Guggenheim, and Frank Lloyd Wright. The Collector's Journal also includes listings of major American museums and highlights of each collection.

About the Author

Dana Micucci is a journalist who specializes in the arts. She has written for Architectural Digest, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Town & Country, International Herald Tribune, Art & Antiques,and The Chicago Tribune.

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