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Battleship Pirates

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This is a new spin on the classic game of battleship with magnetic ships and an erasable grid for marking where a ship is hit. The goal is to outsmart your opponent and be the first to sink all of the opposing ships.

Players use logic as they to discover where an opponent has hidden pirate ships. Call out a row and a column and learn whether you have made a hit, or whether you need to record a miss. The game maybe played at two different levels of ability, each develops math and language skills, and use of coordinates and documentation.

The game includes 20-square grids for beginner players and 64-grid squares for more experienced players; 10 magnetic ships per person; two erasable grids per person for recording shots fired at the opposing side; two erasable markers; and two removable compartments to hold each player's pieces. Everything is housed in a heavy cardboard treasure box, the top of which unfolds to become the two game boards. Box size: 12" x 8-1/2". Two players.

Ages 4 and up


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