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Among Friends Boxed Notecards or Postcards

$6.97 $9.95

These ten paintings depict quiet, private moments in the Impressionists' homes and gardens, and include Renoir's tender rendering of Monet at his easel amid a profusion of flowers, Bazille's amusing portrait of the bedridden Monet, Degas's of Mary Cassatt at the Louvre, and Manet's striking portrayals of Berthe Morisot. 

Artists include: Manet, Bazille, Renoir, Degas (of Monet, Cassatt, and Morisot). Twenty notecards with envelopes in a keepsake box, 2 of each of 10 images. Also available as a postcard book of 20 detachable postcards, 2 each of 10 images.

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